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Navia Robinson ( Plays : Nia baxter) Age, Bio Profile| Contact Details (Phone number, Email, Instagram, Twitter) – NAVIA ROBINSON is an American as well as Social Media Phenomenon who is widely known for her appearance as D’Asia on the BET TV series Being Mary Jane and Nia in Disney channel’s Raven’s Home alongside Raven-Symone. She has also appeared as Rosie in Free Rein in 2017. She studied at Shallowford Falls Elementary School in Marietta, Georgia. Moreover, in 2011, she was named Overall Top Child Model at the Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ “Shine Event”. She grew up with her older brother and also featured him on her Instagram account. 



  • Birth Name: Navia Ziraili Robinson
  • Famous name: Navia Robinson
  • Born: 4 May 2005
  • Age: 13 Years
  • Birth Sign: Taurus
  • Place of Birth: Marietta, GA
  • Occupation: TV Actress
  • Nationality: American



INSTAGRAM: @naviarobinson

We have mentioned her Instagram ID link above and the Id is also Authentic and Verified. You can also follow her by visiting the above link.

FACEBOOK: @NaviasWorld

Her Facebook ID also has mentioned above. It is also verified and Authenticated. You can also follow her on Facebook by visiting the link.

TWITTER: @naviazrobinson

We mentioned her twitter account link above but her UD us nor authentic and verified yet. You can also follow her by visiting on above link.


SNAPCHAT: @iamnavia


We couldn’t find her phone number. But if you want to hire her, than you can contact her via a talent agency whose contacts are below.

Only Business Queries-

J Pervis Talent Agency
3050 Amwiler Rd, Ste 200-C
Atlanta, GA 30360

Phone number: (404) 688 9700 – Atlanta

Phone number: (818) 237 5760 – Los Angeles


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  1. Kevin

    Hello, My name is Kevin and I am also 13 and I was wondering if we could just hang out and talk over the phone.

    1. Adayah

      Hi I love your acting .I am a dig fan. You are the only person I love on the show Raven’s Home and you have a beautiful voice.pleas reply back to me Adayah.

    2. Natalia Dashno

      Hi Navia I live up to you you’re amazing!! I’m 11 and I love watching Ravens Home ever since it started. I hope that someday I can meet you someday. I love your voice its beautiful. If you want contact me at: 352-346-6252 ????

    1. Francisco

      Navia robison I really have a crush on you I think you are super super cute and can I go out with you my phone number is 469 — 2701 my phone is off I just got wifi in my house so just call me if you just want to go out with me and I’m a fan of you you are good at acting please say yes

  2. Aiden Coffee

    Dear Navia Robinson, my name is Aiden Coffee, and I want to say that I am your # 1 fan. I heard a lot about you. When you received this, text Raven’s home to (910)441-5722.

  3. Kallie Rinker

    Plz read and reply this. (I am not sure u will read this because I am sure u get tired of the paparazzi)Hi Navia. I am Kallie Rinker and I am a big fan. I love love ur acting I voice. Especially in Legendary. Did u write that? If so amazing. Who do u like acting as better: Nia or Rosie? U did so well acting as Rosie. Do u like horses? I would like to get to know u. U can email me. Plz respond! 🙂

  4. Antwan Rice-McKinley

    Dear Navia Robinson, I want to say that I’m your #1 Fan, and you are my #1 Favorite Actress that I Love to see. Love You a lot.

  5. bailey Jane Bills-mccoy

    Dear Navia Robinson, I am a huge fan of you. I watch Ravins home every single day. If you have any spare time please write to me. My home address; 8641 spyglass loop Clermont Florida 34711

  6. navia

    nooooooooooo i have a boyfriend he is so sexxy and he will kill you if i me at the park i will kiss you hotty love you dont tell my boyfriend.

  7. Cara Renae Williams

    Hi Navia this Cara Williams from Kansas city in missouri I wish I had a friend like you I live on 7709 banister road

  8. Cara Renae Williams

    And I am the same age as you i am 14 to I am in almost in high school but I was in middle school Friday

  9. Victoria De La Torre

    i am your number one biggest fan and i watch you all the time. Your singing is really awesome and i adore it. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  10. Cj

    Hey Navia I’m a huge fan and would love to talk to you I’m the same age as you and we met when we were younger. I also met you again about 4 years ago. I would love to talk to you again hope to meet you again.

  11. mami

    Hi navia I’m from South Africa I really love raven home I’m 12 years old I love so and your singing thanks for inspiration to all girls I gonna (history into (her)story xoxo I LOVE U!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Guy F.

    Aye, My Name is Guy F, and I nave seen u on all of the movies that u play on. I am hoping u read this, and I want ur number. I know that U must have a lot going on, but plz reply back if u get this.
    -LUVVVVVVVVVVVVV UUUU SOOOOOOOO MUCCCHHHH & I am hoping that we meet one day in person face to face. Thank U & I LOVE U SOOOOO MUCH!!!

  13. Taliyah Myers

    Hi Navia,I’m Taliyah Isabella Myers and I watch you on Raven’s Home, I love your style. Follow me on all social media. I love you and can you give me your number and call me.

  14. Taliyah Myers

    I know we and the same age and I would like to meet you in person one day. Will, you came out to North Brunswick, Nj? I want you to go to my school. Linwood Middle School

  15. Taliyah Myers

    Thank you for your inspiration, I love your singing and your style is amazing. Can you give me some clothes? I’m into fashion. And I want to be a model when I grow up. I’m a big fan. My address is 42b Pardun Road, North Brunswick, Nj.

  16. Tebatso

    Hi navia my name is tebatso I am 13 yrs and my bday is on the 3 may I am a south African citizen I am writing this because I know I am different but u inspire me u make
    me realise that I am powerful

    My mother wants me to be a gyna but all I wanna do is sing I was hoping u would help me prove to my mother that I can be successful through singing I was hoping u can contact me and see how it goes on 0785862006

  17. navia

    toki im not a big fat bitch in fact if u have a problem with me write it down on a piece of paper fold it and shove it up your ass and fyi I HAVE A BOYFRIEND

    1. Logan James Behan

      You are a vamous person and dang girl your good lock’in but you must know people are like that and you must watch your mouth

    2. Logan James Behan

      Also, on TV you seem like a kind loving person but if you want to be know as the one who talks bad to her own fans then…
      your not a good person

  18. Brice Sisneros Jr.

    Hey navia I have a crazy crush on you I am 13 I want you to call me my number is 575 — 1891 please call me i want you to be my girlfriend.

  19. prince willy

    Hi Navia i one of my biggest fine .i used to watch all your song and movie .i wanted to ask u if u can one question . if u want to sing with me on my next song .i am just starting my music i have sign with so many musician and they
    director they said i am bad . i wanted u to ask if u want to sing with me.
    my phone no :.09071606020

  20. legend

    hi navia i really like you my name is legend by the way your really cute and was wondering if u like me to u can look at my instagram pics @legynkythomas

  21. Adonte

    navia u so cute and your old boyfriends u could have them but u could be my cuz but i had liked u for two years but u still could be my cuz and i was going too ask u can u be my girlfriend but we could be boyfriend and girlfriend when we get older and have kids and if u want to call me here’s my number

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