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MrBeast aka Jimmy Donaldson aka #TeamTrees Founder Age, Bio Profile| Contact Details (Phone number, Email, Instagram, Twitter) – MRBEAST is an American YouTube Star as well as Social Media Phenomenon who is widely known for his @MrBeast Youtube channel. He has posted all video series Worst Intros on YouTube, as well as his frequent gameplay videos. His channel also authenticated and verified. On 19 February 2012, he created his YouTube channel and also posted his first videos on 20 February 2012. Moreover, he also featured his mother in the YouTube video titled “Surprising My Mom With $10,000+ Home Makeover.” His real name is Jimmy. Furthermore, it is also a rumor that he runs a secondary channel as “Mr.Beast” where he has posted Fortnite moments and gameplay footage.  He has also best known as MrBeast6000.  He is recently in news to help YouTuber helping PewDiePie keep his top spot against T-Series.


  • Name: MrBeast
  • Birth Name: Jimmy
  • Date of Birth: 7 May 1998
  • Age: 20 years
  • Birth Sign: Taurus
  • Nationality: American
  • Birth Place/City: Greenville, NC
  • Profession: YouTube Star

Latest #TeamTrees-

MrBeast is spearheading a massive charity campaign to plant 20 million trees after a fan’s suggestion of how to celebrate his reaching 20 million subscribers turned into a fan-led campaign. Within 24 hours, the drive had already raised over $4 million.

The #TeamTrees project is through the Arbor Day Foundation, and for every $1 donated by fans, Donaldson, and other YouTubers, one tree is to be planted in a high-need forest around the globe by December 2022.





We have also mentioned his Instagram ID link above and the Id is Authentic as well as Verified. You can also follow him by visiting the above link.


We have mentioned him Twitter Handle link above and the Id is Authentic as well as Verified. You can also follow him by visiting the above link.

FACEBOOK: @MrBeast6000

His Facebook ID also has mentioned above. It is not verified and authenticated. You can also follow him on Facebook by visiting the link.

YOUTUBE: @channel

He has a channel on YouTube in which he has updated his videos. If you want to watch his videos then you can use the above link.


EMAIL ID: [email protected]


We couldn’t find any kind of phone number.

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    1. taylor phillips

      I need your for back rent. I owe almost 14000.00 back rent went to court and lost. Has to pay lawyer the money but lawyer might call and get Gerald James down. But have to talk to his lawyer .mr Beast I need your help real bad. My name at lawyer is Taylor Phillips. We live in Stephens City VA in a rented house but not same house. My wife past away. I am w male 78 ur old my gmail is. [email protected] if you cab help me good if you cantbthat be OK your lawyer could work this out.

  1. Thomas Babcock

    Mr Beast,
    I watch all of your crazy videos, they’re funny and pretty dope.
    I must say, it must be a blast being able to do all that you do. Keep having fun!!

    I live in a shed in Florida, if you’re ever in the area and need someone to go fishing with or something drop me an email and maybe we can get together and go catch a couple sharks.
    I think we would have a little fun.
    God bless

  2. Jay

    Mr Beast I love watching others smile while you help as many people you can it is deff a blessing .I know this is a long shot but I currently reside in Wallingford ct .I wanna buy my girlfriend a car but as I got laid off n don’t have the funds to do so I felt I let her down .can you help me ?

  3. Michael

    Hey man I got a message on facebook from you, or so I thought it was you, I’m pretty sure it fake it said i was a lucky winner of 10,000 dollars i did what it said because i thought it was legit. When i did everything it said,i got blocked. The name is Jimmy Donaldson.

  4. Christen Cabrera

    Hey Mr. Beast my name is Chris, just wanna say I am a fan and love the content that you upload! Also big respect on what you and the team does majority of the time. I know you like to donate through streams and help others in public. So I was wondering if you would be willing to be able to help a fan in college?

  5. Wes Vincent

    Hello Mr. Beast

    I’ve only recently heard about you a few months ago when I stumbled on one of your giving videos and blown away by how much you’ve given away

    I’m wondering if you might be able to help me out as I am stretched for money right now and want to really surprise my mom with a car as a birthday gift

    Thanks a ton

  6. Ammar

    Hey MrBeast
    I am THE biggest fan of yours. I have been watching you videos and live streams before you hit two Million Subscribers. I was wondering if you could sponsor my fish tank craze or donate 10,000 dollars to a charity next video!

  7. Paula

    So i have a request you could do you could go to Wal-Mart and see if anyone there is looking at something and just buy them their whole cart.☺ you are a good man. I’m going to move to Greenville soon maybe you could tell me what it’s like.

  8. Annastasia

    Hey Mr beast your super cool how could I do one of your contest I am currently broke cause I just got fired and I am single and My fam lives far away and it would be cool to meet you.

  9. savannah whitley

    i love mr beast so much ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????love bigist fan ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????????????????????????❤.

      1. Daneilia

        Hey mrbeats wondering if you send money to Jamaican people well if you do I have someone who is really in need plz if you help them it would be so great to them plz have a wonderful day and love your YouTube video keep and do what you love the best.

  10. Gwen

    Dear Mr.Beast,
    I love your videos and never thought I’d have the courage to swallow my pride and ask for your help. We are almost in an empty apartment. I’m no longer able to drive. I’ve been diagnosed with 3rd stage kidney failure, legally blind, my Dr has the list. I can sit on the floor to eat, just hard to sit up against wall for too long in the floor, my wheelchair cushion hurt my romp. Good news, 3 classes away graduating community college. Despite being labelled disabled, I will keep going. My goal is to take care of disabled kids from my wheelchair. I did have a little saved but we were recently displaced due to new place not being ready. I have paperwork, my Dr have my diagnoses. I hope this is ok.

  11. Gary L Workman

    Hello: I just caught it from my eyes on YouTube program of Mr. Beast and wondered if it is possible for me to participate this program in hope of getting some money. I am a hearing impaired guy since birth. I had financial hardship and retired with the mountain of debts and hopefully to pay all the mortgage payments at once so I can have a nice retirement life and sleep like a baby without any nightmares and worry sick of not enough money for monthly payments. I hope you understand my current financial situation. See if I am qualified and let me know how to set up to communicate with you guys.

    Gary L Workman
    177 Cascade Dr
    Huntington, WV 25705-3245

  12. Daneilia

    Hi mrbeast I was wondering if u send money to Jamaica people could u let me now plz if u do I have someone who really need help plz if u could help it would great love your YouTube video and keep do what u do god will keep on blessing you love u and keep safe.

  13. Ann Moore

    Thank you MrBeast for all that you do and may God continue to bless you so you may be a blessing to others!

  14. Danny Lambert

    I am not asking for a free car for me but for my brother. He is in need of a car to get him,his,wife,grandson,to the doctor and the store to get food.He live in a place where people will not help other,s out.So i am asking for him. I love my brother very much i would do anything i could for him.I would buy him a car but i only get 400. a month my self.I know you might not help because we live in West Virginia. GOD BLESS YOU ALL;

  15. Aaliyah

    Hey, my brother is 17 and is in need of a job and a car could you mr beast help out i love my brothr but i dont have that kind of money.

  16. Bobbie Burroughs

    Hi Mr. Beast and crew. I would like to thank you for the kind young man I met the other day. He was a good looking young man driving his white car and was as sharp as a pen. I was looking to buy a t-shirt for our son. Now I know to purchase it online. I guess I did not know just how famous you are but I know now. We just got the internet two days ago.. Imagine that. Feeling Hopeful and Blessed that there are such kind people like yourself in this world. Thank you for your time,Sincerely, Bobbie Burroughs

  17. Sapna tyagi

    Sir namasta sir hum teen bhena hai or hamara papa nhi hai sir hum pichla ek sal sa apka pass message kar rahiy hai sir ji huma bhaut parashan hai lekin sir apna koi bhi reply nhi kiya sir ji humna apni mummy ka leya help mangi thi lekin sir humari mummy huma chod kar chaki gaiy lekin sir huma koi help nhi mili please sir humari mummy huma chod kar chali gaiylekin sir huma koi help nhi mili sir hum bhaur majbur hai sir please humari help kejya please sir please humari help kejya please sir ji help kejya

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